Friday, February 27, 2009

Quaker Virtues

I am so excited! I was visiting Vonna's blog the other day and noticed that she and a couple of her friends were stitching this in a SAL. I immediately emailed and asked if I could join. I have wanted to stitch this one for a while. I've chosen 36ct flax linen and I've hand dyed my own fiber that I've named "Old Demin". Well, soon and very soon, I will put in my first stitches! But until then, here is a sneak peak of my fabric and floss.


Hannah said...

You might like my moms blog. She loves knitting so much! Her's is

It would mean a lot to her if you could follow hers(You have to scroll down kind of far, but the following gadget is there).

Keep cross stitching and enjoying life! I have never been to Virginia, but it sounds like you enjoy it! Thank you-Hannah

Vee said...

Your hand-dyed floss looks great and will be perfect for Quaker Virtues. Keep us updated on your progress :-)

Bonnie said...

I love Quaker Virtues but, I am stitching the BP Sampler and want to finish it before starting. I like the floss and the color you chose.